Business Exit Services

We specialise in advising owners of private businesses on high value business exits. 

Our clients plan to exit their business within a 3 to 5 year time frame and we generally work with our clients over that period.

We have worked extensively with high growth companies over the years.  We therefore have a well developed understanding of the unique challenges faced by fast growing businesses.  Most importantly, we know high value business exits are often a long journey and we are committed to working with you until you reach the end.

Our approach to business exits is quite structured.  We then tailor it to meet the particular requirements of your business exit. 

It generally includes the following key elements:

  • reviewing possible business exit alternatives (eg trade sale, management buyout, stock exchange listing)
  • reviewing your current business, particularly its strengths and weaknesses from a business exit perspective
  • identifying potential buyers
  • working with you to improve your business for sale
  • developing a clear business exit plan
  • assisting, if required, with the appointment of specialist advisers for business exit
  • managing your business exit transaction

It is quite common when going through the above process to identify strategies that if implemented are likely to substantially improve the value of your business on exit.  This might include firming up contractual arrangements with key parties, restructuring your business, raising capital or making your own strategic acquisition. 

If that does occur, we also provide the following services:

  • advice on asset acquisitions and disposals
  • corporate strategy advice
  • advice on capital raising strategies
  • negotiations on commercial contracts and arrangements
  • managing corporate and asset due diligence
  • facilitating strategic alliances
  • advice on corporate governance issues

If you would like to discuss how we can assist you with your business exit please contact us.