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  • There's an elephant in the room!

    18 February 2016
    We have all experienced the “elephant in the room”: the big problem in the corner no one wants to talk about because it’s way too complicated or difficult. Everyone just hopes it will go away.

    There is another sort of elephant in the room though, a far more insidious one, the “invisible elephant”: the big problem no-one has properly identified.

    We have a big invisible elephant issue looming in the private business sector. It’s called the “baby boomer business exit tsunami”.

    So what does it look like?  Here are the scary facts:

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  • Innovation Statement – A Good Start But Still A Long Way To Go

    10 December 2015
    Malcolm Turnbull’s Innovation Statement has been well received by the Australian business community, and with good reason.  It’s the most comprehensive and integrated package of measures to support innovation and entrepreneurship we have seen for many years.

    It’s only a start though.  The well developed, integrated ecosystem we need to create the agile, innovative and competitive economy envisioned by Malcolm Turnbull on assuming the Prime Ministership won’t be built overnight.

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  • The downside of just milking it

    3 December 2015
    If you have considered selling your business of late, you may be disappointed to see the offers a business like yours is likely to attract from would-be buyers.

    According to the latest analysis of some 20,000 business owners who have used The Value Builder System, the average offer being made by buyers is just 3.7 times pre-tax profits.

    Businesses with less than a million dollars in sales attract significantly lower multiples, while larger businesses may get closer to five times their pre-tax profit.  Regardless of size, however, private business multiples are still significantly less than those reserved for public company stocks.

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  • Four factors for timing a big business exit

    26 November 2015
    Every stock market investor dreams of timing the market perfectly and making a motza.

    Timing is also crucial in business – and never more so than when you’re planning your exit! I’ve seen business owners get very different outcomes, ranging from exceptional to disastrous, due solely to when they sold.

    But how exactly do you “time the market” when selling your business? Here are the four key factors.

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  • Six insights from the Aussie masters of disruption

    8 October 2015
    Seems like everyone is talking about disruption these days.

    And it’s not surprising. Every time you turn around the disruptors are turning yet another industry on its head, usually turbo fuelled by smart technology.

    Disruptors are the new glamour kids of business, creating massive wealth at record speed and often achieving breath takingly huge business exits. While disruptors like Apple, WhatsApp and Instagram all came from the technology sector, more recent disruptors like Uber and Airbnb are successfully taking on more traditional industries.

    A business plan based on being a disruptor is not for the faint hearted though. The failure rate for business start-ups generally is high. For disruptors, it’s through the roof. The blunt reality is you either crash through……or you crash.

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